Fresh from their 'Sippin T’ Presents' takeover at London's leading LGBTQi+ electronic music festival, Body Movements, the DJ/producer selects 10Trax to keep the party going.

"Hunted" - Lotic

Whispers are seducing but subversive for me. This track swells with a haunting, bound with imprinted msgs for those who are ready to hear the calling. I’m so excited for Lotic to take up space on my “Sippin’ T presents” stage this year for Body Movements.

"160 Down the A406" - SHERELLE

Makes me think of freedom, of marching bands and open land, of ether of space. An homage to the battle towards joy. gassed to have SHERELLE bless us on the “Sippin’ T” presents stage this year at Body Movements

"Silk" - Moktar

It be like ritual sometimes when we gather and our sweat feels like an offering. This one makes me remember that cuz I feel the presence of ancestry surrounding me. And my stage is made to pull all these energies in, to hold us. All of us, seen and unseen.

"Kontrol" - ZVRI, Cue

We all speak of futures, this is how I imagine mine. A memory of the paradox a sexy blend of analogue and digital.

"blessing me" - Mura Masa (with Pa Salieu & Skillibeng)

This one is a space holder that reminds me that it’s ok to be RAW.. VULNERABLE.. and connections across the diaspora is a super power.

"Ownland Interlude" - Tyga Paw & Mandy Harris Williams

The space is one celebrating joy for marginalised folk, a suspension of fight. A transcendence, this Interlude embodies that affirmation of self power.

"Gwabh" - Space Afrika

A merging of past presents and futures to give a sonic euphoria.

"B2B" - Karen Nyame KG & Uniiqu3

Self explanatory. B2B 4 LYF with the most iconic duo.

"Melodie Glace" - Nidia

This makes my belly beat, yea belly not heart. It sits and rumbles in a pelvic rootedness that feels like home, black home.

"Persuasive" - Doechii

My stage is a home, an affirmation of self in all its grunge, mess, chaos, beauty and experimental realness just like this track.

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