“Buu” by Crave Moore

South London MC Crave Moore releases his new smoky and sultry track "Buu" set to ignite the fire within.

“Buu”, the latest track from the distinctive MC, effortlessly blends and fuses its jazz framework with sensual R&B flows. Always one to put his own spin on things, the track has a definite UK flavour sonically sprinkled over it.

Lyrically, the track tells tales of love turning into a dark sided obsession; something attached to young love. Already, Crave Moore has cultivated a cult following and has featured on tracks with Rejjie Snow and Jesse James Solomun. Speaking on ‘Buu’, Crave said: “Buu is a dragon ball z character, big softy but also one of the most dangerous characters in the whole series. I see a lot of myself in Buu.”  It’s clear that Crave’s interest in poetry shouts through his emotive and carefully crafted prose.

With a larger body of work expected over the coming months, 2019 looks set to be the year Crave Moore steps into the light. Until then, start your morning off right with the exclusive premiere of “Buu” below!