Children of Zeus

The Manchester neo-soul duo with a flair for mythology break down their love of the West Coast, how to cure a broken heart and why Jason is the greatest Greek hero.

Barney Artist

Forest Gate fresh face Barney Artist is this week's Internet Crush.


California's KYLE is the kind of rapper you want to bring home to your mum. We meet the Lil Yachty collaborator for this week's Internet Crush.


GASHI's come a long way to make it to the top of the rap game and he's not going to stop now. We meet the Albanian via Brooklyn rapper for this week's Internet Crush.

Biig Piig

Biig Piig creates the soundtrack to your new infatuation.


EDEN's debut album drops this Friday, we meet the soon-to-be superstar in this week's Internet Crush.

Madison Beer

Every week we chat to one of our Internet Crushes. This week we invited Madison Beer, queen of the internet, to Notion to find out what makes the singer tick, her favourite books/places/movies and her upcoming EP.


slowthai is here to make sure people know that life outside the city isn't as pretty as it seems.