Selected by Cautious Clay

The new boy wonder, Cautious Clay, invites us in for a personal jack-in-the-box playlist that perfectly embodies this soul-makers spirit.

Selected by JóiPé x Króli

Icelandic duo JóiPé x Króli have been making waves around Iceland and beyond for a few years now. With their sharp and sometimes nihilistic lyrics, we catch the boy wonders before they take to the stage at Iceland Airwaves.

Selected by OTHERLiiNE

Introducing OTHERLiiNE, the debut project from the combined minds of George FitzGerald and Lil Silva. Get ready for this duo to be your new house heroes with their prolific new track 'Hates Me'.

Selected by Aeris Roves

With a voice that's effortlessly soulful, and lyrics often honest and vulnerable, Aeris Roves is a true representation of UK R&B at its finest. Find out what tracks are taking his fancy right now...

Selected by Beardyman

The infamous producer, multi-vocalist, comedian and inventor, Beardyman, curates an eclectic playlist that is just as much of a trip as his latest single '6am (Ready To Write)'!

Selected by Blue Hawaii

To celebrate the release of Blue Hawaii's new record, 'ORiF', the dreamy duo curate an all-round good vibes playlist aimed to be spun at the end of a late one to soften the mood a little...

Selected by Anna Of The North

As Anna Of The North prepares to take flight with the release of her upcoming album, 'Dream Girl', we get the muse to tell us what songs she hears in her dreams.

Selected by Duke Dumont

We get the one of the most charting UK producers, Duke Dumont, to curate a playlist that'll rid you of your Monday blues!

Selected by GLORIA

Immerse yourself in GLORIA's dark and twisted realm as the outsider curates an eclectic playlist that embodies everything great about this rising queen.