Selected by Benny Sings

Prolific singer-songwriter and producer, Benny Sings, has announced his new album ‘Music’, full of soothing and solace vibrations. He picks 10Trax for Notion that inspired it.

Selected by Nolay

Revered UK rap artist and lyricist, Nolay, is kicking off her 2021 in a big way, with the release of her sixth studio EP titled ‘Kalas’. She picks 10Trax for Notion that inspired it.

Selected by Dennis Lloyd

With an incredible vulnerability and rawness, Dennis Lloyd is back with the release of his new single, "Anxious". To celebrate, he picks 10Trax for Notion.

Selected by Emotional Oranges

LA-based duo, Emotional Oranges, pick 10Trax they've got on repeat ATM as they return with new track "Bonafide".

Selected by Joel Culpepper

Joel Culpepper is the artist’s artist and songwriter, with unforgettable stage presence. We asked him to pick 10Trax that inspired his upcoming debut album ‘Sgt Culpepper’.

Selected by Shiv: My Favourite Songs of 2020

Up-and-coming singer, songwriter and producer, shiv, picks her 10 favourite tunes from 2020 for a special edition of 10Trax.

Selected by Serena Isioma

Fast emerging Chicago newcomer, Serena Isioma, picks 10Trax that she's loving at the moment, as she drops her 'The Leo Sun Sets' EP.

Selected by Lou Hayter

DJ, writer and producer, Lou Hayter, picks 10Trax that lift her spirits.

Selected by Casey MQ

Toronto-based artist, Casey MQ, picks 10Trax that particularly resonate with him.