LXANDRA, Girl From The North Country

Mellon-jolly pop queen LXANDRA talks being yourself, connecting with people around the world and growing up on a tiny island in Finland.

Your Lucky Number SE.V.EN

Think of the lucky number seven, charming and full of good fortune - this is how we feel about our latest obsession with SE.V.EN. The sultry seductress, who’s voice offers comfort in the midst of chaos.

Running Free With Iann Dior

We run through the hills with Texas via Puerto Rico rapper Iann Dior who is determined to follow his own path whether the internet likes it or not.

It’s A JGrrey World

Dive headfirst into the world of JGrrey - an artist who refuses to be trapped into a musical box and makes the kind of music you can cry while you dance to it.

Josie Man

Enter the mesmerising, playful and other-worldly universe of Josie Man. A rising star challenging societies do’s and don’ts and reinforcing the message of love in trying times.

Falling In Love With Ragz Originale

Get to grips with the renowned producer and idiosyncratic vocalist, Ragz Originale, as he leaps into his own spotlight with the impending release of his visionary EP 'txt ur x'.

La Bella NIIA

Be prepared to fall deep for the LA-based enchantress, NIIA, who crafts songs that are like concoctions; full of romanticism, humour and soul. We get to know the singer as her new album drops at midnight...


Rising London star twst, the project of Welsh songwriter, vocalist and producer Chloé Davis, is jumping in 2020 with everything she's got making her one of our favourite ones to watch right now!

Santino Le Saint’s Unholy Waters

Brixton rising star Santino Le Saint is causing waves from South to North London and beyond with his melancholic and haunting RnB anthems that battle with the light and dark side of love.