Apple Music Up Next April 2020: Conan Gray

Prepare to get in your feelings as our newly crowned sad prince of pop, Conan Gray, is announced as Apple Music's Up Next artist for April 2020!

“Oh Bang! Bang! Bang!” by Saint Lanvain

It looks like Saint Lanvain is back with his brand of spicy, contagious and electrifying house music in his latest track 'Oh Bang! Bang! Bang!'.

“Witch Hunt” by Polo

Leeds-based trio Polo return with a stark and haunting new track 'Witch Hunt' - a plea to address the climate crisis.

“Blue Skies” by SIIGHTS

Electro-pop duo SIIGHTS release their single 'Blue Skies' into the world from their upcoming EP and we are hooked.

“Take Solace” by MACKandgold

The explosive firecracker MACKandgold releases a stunning EP entitled 'Take Solace'.

“Angel” by Alex Arcoleo

Start your Friday off right and dive into Alex Arcoleo's stunning low-tempo new EP 'Angel'.

“Louder” by Grace Gaustad

L.A based Grace Gaustad champions emotive pop-bops on her latest release 'Louder'.

“Swiftly” by Kuma Overdose

Following the release of his dreamy debut EP 'Lofty', London based producer and artist Kuma Overdose releases his groovy new single 'Swiftly'.

“Falling” by Aaron Salem

Cuban-Canadian artist Aaron Salem has released an unashamedly honest track 'Falling' that you can both relate with and cruise to.