“Dream On” by Cellz and Blue Glass

Musical collab Cellz x Blue Glass have released the first taste of their dreamy EP, "Dream On".

Notion Highlight: Coachella Announces 2022 Line-Up

Coachella has announced an impressive line-up for its big 2022 return, including Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Kanye West.

“Serpent” by Dwara & Alexander Vincent

Dwara and Alexander Vincent have dropped an exciting new collab, "Serpent".

‘The Ground Might Disappear’ by Arliston

Alternative indie collective Arliston have returned with their evocative new EP, 'The Ground Might Disappear'.

“Same Light” by Philine Sonny

Singer-songwriter Philine Sonny has returned with her dynamic second track, "Same Light".

“Ambition” by Maulo

London-based Afrobeat artist Maulo has dropped his new track, "Ambitions", fresh from a collaboration with Anthony Joshua.

“Say That” by Paula Jivén

Swedish music prodigy Paula Jivén has dropped her hypnotic new tune, "Say That".

“Cold River” by Eddy Lee Ryder

Songwriter Eddy Lee Ryder has dropped her intriguing new track, "Cold River".

“Pink (Freak) Remix” by Elliot Lee & GIRLI

Bubblegum pop-rock artist Elliot Lee has dropped their latest single, featuring cybergoth artist GIRLI.