‘Happy Medium’ by Lodge

Producer Lodge releases his second EP 'Happy Medium', which is all about "finding a balance in life" - something many of us can relate to this year.

“Overthinking” by RIKAS

Four-piece RIKAS share their new song "Overthinking", a relatable track about feeling overwhelmed with life and insecure when comparing yourself to others.

“6AM” by Duchi Da Vinchi

Duchi Da Vinchi drops the vibrant hip-hop led track, "6AM", all about life in the fast lane.

The Higher Frequency: Episode 4 Out Now

Notion has teamed up with the national charity, Youth Music, and young creatives, to present 'The Higher Frequency' podcast. Listen to the fourth episode now!

‘Blossom’ by JEZ_EBEL

Bedroom pop singer, JEZ_EBEL shares her hypnotic 5 track EP 'Blossom'.

“Misery Loves Company” by LEEPA

Indie Pop artist LEEPA shares her upbeat offering "Misery Loves Company" with a music video to boot.

‘Bound’ by Noé Solange

International artist and producer, Noé Solange, is back with her personal and reflective debut EP 'Bound'.

“Power” by Greta Isaac

Singer-songwriter, Greta Isaac, expresses the effect of poisoned compliments in her commanding new single “Power”.

“Good For It” by MID CITY

Crashing onto the music scene with their raucous melodies and infectious rhythms, MID CITY is back with “Good For It”, the third slice from their upcoming EP.