“50” by Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Old Fashioned Lover Boy is back with the new tune "50", which looks back to a better time.

“No More Parties” by Kai Caster

Multifaceted artist, Kai Caster, releases his second alt-pop single "No More Parties".

“Sherlock” by Joey Nato

Rapper, producer and YouTuber, Joey Nato, offers up thumping drumlines and personal, lyrical insight on his new track “Sherlock”.

The Higher Frequency: Episode 6 Out Now

Notion has teamed up with the national charity, Youth Music, and young creatives, to present 'The Higher Frequency' podcast. Listen to the sixth and final episode now!

“Tattoo” by Layto

Layto wants us to find cathartic release in his new single "Tattoo".

Virgin Money Emerging Star: Lilla Vargen

Get ready for the enchanting sounds of Irish musician and Virgin Money Emerging Star, Lilla Vargen.

“Wonderland” by AIR APPARENT

Indian-American pop musician, AIR APPARENT, releases his electronic offering "Wonderland".

“Fabulous” by Alo Wiza

Alo Wiza exude confidence on her latest single "Fabulous".

Virgin Money Emerging Star: Kamakaze

Meet Grime and Rap artist and Virgin Money Emerging Star, Kamakaze, as he gets ready to take on the world.