Nordoff Robbins Announces O2 Silver Clef Awards Winners

Nordoff Robbins honours faces new and old in the first O2 Silver Clef Awards since 2019.

“Holding on for dear life” by Casper the Ghost

Casper the Ghost's new EP experiments joyfully with the idea of alt-rock.

“Crying Room” by Ocean Tisdall

Ocean Tisdall explores the private pain of crying at a party in his new track.

“Paintaker” by Micayl

Micayl's latest single is a compellingly vulnerable work.

“Grievances” by Otis Mensah

Notion has an exclusive preview of the music video for Otis Mensah's thought-provoking "Grievances".

“I Swam” by Alexander Carson

Alexander Carson's new single encourages the listener to sit back and enjoy the tranquility.

“Mad About You” by ELIS NOA

ELIS NOA's new single is a haunting teaser for their forthcoming album.

“Forget-me-not (Amethysts Rework)” by Amethysts

Dream-pop Amethysts put a mysterious new spin on an album highlight.

“Charlatan” by WRYT

WRYT's latest music cries out against injustice in rocking style.