‘Identity Crisis’ by Matt Simons

Matt Simons is back with new album, 'Identity Crisis', navigating multifarious influences and the rollercoaster of personal relationships.

“How to Breathe” by Carmen Jane

Carmen Jane's latest song explores the profound pain of grieving a loved one.

“Animal Style” by Lefturn

Lefturn's new single is a bold expression of an artist taking pride in her queer identity.

“Human” by Liz Cass

Liz Cass has released a new video for latest single, "Human", a raw depiction of personal struggles.

“Heartbreak & Hermes” by 730RARRI

Toronto rapper 730RARRI's new tune tells a melancholic, intricately produced story.

“Rock Bottom” by Adam Aronson

Adam Aronson's new song embraces optimism in the face of adversity.

“Sorry” by Lizette Lizette

Lizette Lizette's new single embraces the spirit of hard-won freedom.

“When It Was Chaotic” by Emilia Tarrant

Emilia Tarrant's new single crafts writer's block into catchy pop goodness.

“Don’t You Give Up On Me” by Joshua Idehen

Joshua Idehen has dropped an inspiring new track, "Don't You Give Up On Me".