“If” by Ashley Levin

Former contestant of The Voice, Ashley Levin, steps into her own light and unleashes a no-holds-barred single on heartbreak of long-distance relationships with 'If'.

“Maybe” by Gracie Convert

R&B songstress Gracie Convert breaks through societies expectations of beauty norms in her glistening new track 'Maybe'.

“Tell Me” by Carmen

Songstress Carmen effortlessly entices her audience with her breezy and sultry new single 'Tell Me'.

“Zwei Orangen” by Die Orangen

The zesty boys, Die Orangen, are back on the adventurous Malka Tuti recordings with their sophomore album ‘Zwei Orangen'!


London-based singer/songwriter ANDRO turns his attention to his solo material with the release of his silky smooth single 'GYMH'.

Introducing The Apple Music Awards

Introducing the new award that every artist will soon want under their belt - the Apple Music Awards.

“Dolla Signs” by Teenear

R&B's new rising starlet, Teenear, is claiming what is rightfully hers with her fiery and nostalgic anthem 'Dolla Signs'.

“Need Me” by Celly Pizzaz

"Need Me" is a shining debut from London's East End.

“Make You Move” by Miller Blue

Warm your soul with Miller Blue's effortlessly smooth concoction of old-school soul and hip-hop in his latest enticing track "Make You Move".