“Blue Ferrari” by Orlando

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Orlando, sings about the importance of being picky in love on his self-produced new single, "Blue Ferrari".

“Worst Child” by TrueMendous feat. Rozzz

Birmingham rapper on the rise, TrueMendous, drops her second single of 2021, "Worst Child", featuring Rozzz.

“Very Fun Times” by Sterling Press

Brand new indie four-piece, Sterling Press, debut with their single "Very Fun Times".

“Stay” by Kartell feat. Tim Atlas

Roche Musique's Kartell keeps providing us with the feel-good vibes thanks to his new single "Stay", featuring Tim Atlas.

“Head In A Bottle” by Gerle

“Head in a Bottle” allows a look into Gerle's soul, telling a tale of forgiveness.

“Throw Me” by Vangelis Polydorou

London musician Vangelis Polydorou’s songs harness universal sentiments of love, heartache and relationships.

‘Uphill Struggle’ by SBK

Up-and-coming MC, SBK, shares the reflective new EP 'Uphill Struggle'.

“I’m Crazy” by Jay Blanes

Jay Blanes opens up about the struggles and sacrifices he's made for his music on upbeat, indie-pop track "I'm Crazy".

“Rogue” by Teo & Jay

After a successful debut single, Teo & Jay are back with R&B inspired “Rogue”.