“Yesterday’s Love” by Benji Brown

With an extensive catalogue of songs waiting in the wings, 22-year-old Benji Brown reveals his latest track “Yesterday’s Love”.

“Good Luck” by Kayvon Music

US Hip-Hop artist Kayvon Music makes a return with “Good Luck”.

“Mintia” by Kuma Overdose

L.A. raised and London based musician Kuma Overdose makes his return with laid-back track “Mintia”.

“Midnight Interlude” by AMAVA

AMAVA returns with the new late-night tune, "Midnight Interlude".

Shaybo, Eva Apio and Temi Mwale Join Dotty On Beats By Dr. Dre’s INFORMAL

In episode two of Beats By Dr Dre's INFORMAL series, Shaybo, Eva Apio and Temi Mwale come together to discuss the Black female experience with host Dotty.

“Sugar Rush” by FEMM

Japanese mannequin rap duo FEMM release an avant-garde video for their sweet-as-candy song, "Sugar Rush”.

“Burning Sheets” by Internet Raised

Up-and-coming duo, Internet Raised, have just released their indie-pop dreamscape, "Burning Sheets".

“Detached” by Joshua Kuhr

22-year-old producer and artist, Joshua Kuhr, wears his heart on his sleeve in his new single "Detached".

“ASK 4” by Malik English

Up and coming Hip-Hop artist Malik English makes his return with the glitter trap track "ASK 4".