“Get Out of Town” by Teagan Johnston

Teagan Johnson has dropped an affecting new tune, "Get Out of Town".

“I’m Just Plain Mister Smith” by Plain Mister Smith

Plain Mister Smith has released his beguiling debut album, 'I'm Just Plain Mister Smith'.

“Yr Body” by Lazer Viking

Lazer Viking has dropped a synth-driven new track, "Yr Body".

Kaia Gerber Models New Colours of Beats Studio Earbuds

Beats have announced three new colours of their Studio Buds, as modelled by Kaia Gerber.

“Look Through” by Firewoodisland and The Satellite Station

Firewoodisland and The Satellite Station have released an intriguing collab, "Look Through".

The Great Escape 2022 Announces TikTok Spotlight Show and 50+ New Artists

The Great Escape has expanded its line-up with the exclusive TikTok Spotlight Show and a huge list of new artists.

“Wings to Fly” by Molly Roberts

Molly Roberts has released her stirring debut single, "Wings to Fly".

‘Letters to a Dreamer’ by KC Carter

KC Carter shows the world who he is in his new album, 'Letters to a Dreamer'.

“Love I Found” by Plus (ft. Tyler Mann)

Plus has dropped an irresistible collaboration with Tyler Mann, "Love I Found".