Emerging artist Stu Allen is back with an infectious new release “Deana (Not Deanna)” featuring Status Quo drummer Matt Letley.

Singer-songwriter and producer Stu Allen has shared his third single release “Deana (Not Deanna)” with two official music videos. Featuring drums from Matt Letley of Status Quo, Stu’s new release is a tongue-in-cheek offering with the late 70s, and early 80s rock and roll jive. 


Working as a self-produced artist, last year saw Stu share his hard-hitting debut single “Falling Out of Sight”. Eager to showcase his talent, on his latest Stu amplifies his sound with zestful guitar licks and a buoyant hook. Accompanied by two separate music videos, “Deana (Not Deanna)” features a comedic piece featuring Natasha Tosini and a live band performance video with Matt Letley. 


Deconstructing the making of his new release Stu says: “Starting with the main chorus lyrics “Deana, not Deanna”, I already had a chord progression in mind. I then started to play around with other chords and came up with the verses to fill in a backstory, which ended up being very rhythmic. I was conscious about striking the perfect balance between drifting into cliched waters against embracing the more the late 70s / early 80s production of big drums and guitars, and I ended up with something I’m very happy with”.

Stream “Deana (Not Deanna)” below: