Catching Flies takes us on a tour of ten cities in his exclusive mix

Catching Flies takes us on tour in his globe-trotting Groundwork mix.

We’re used to things blowing up quickly in 2018. Since the internet took over the music industry, stars are born in seconds and often burn out just as quickly, but not George King, aka Catching Flies. Gaining increased attention since 2012, Catching Flies has been on the slow build. He self-released his first EP six years ago and has been trickling material since then. Along the way, he’s picked up fans in high places with the likes of Bonobo inviting him on tour.

This summer saw Catching Flies take to America for the first time touring as the support act for the iconic Nightmares on Wax. Whilst there he put together an exclusive mix for Notion, inspired by the ten cities he visited and the music he discovered/ became obsessed with along the way. True to Catching Flies’ style it’s a varied mix, incorporating jazz, house, hip hop and more. The mix arrives ahead of new music from the producer and DJ which will drop before the month is out. Listen to his ‘Tale of Ten Cities’ mix below and read our interview with Flies after the jump.

Take us through your mix – who have you included in it and why? 

I put the mix together after returning from a ten-show North America Tour earlier this summer. The idea was to document the tour and create a sonic diary of music I discovered and listened to while I was out there. When I’m touring, I’ll discover a tune and then just rinse it on repeat. There’s something really comforting and grounding about a constant, especially when everything about touring tends to be chaotic and unfamiliar. Each tune reminds me of a city or a moment – from walking around Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) listening to Ivan Ave’s ‘Running Shoes,’ to coming across a Saxophonist who was busking in Fremantle (Seattle) in a subway tunnel with this amazing reverb. The mix also features a load of field recordings I made whilst out there. It begins on Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver) and ends in Departures at Salt Lake City Airport. I love the in-built nostalgia of field recordings and the way they capture certain snapshots in time.


When did you start making music? What kind of music was it? 

I started making music when I was about 16. Over the space of a few years, I put together two Hip Hop records under a different alias. My music’s just evolved from that point really – some of it wasn’t very good, but I learnt a lot! That period definitely informs what I make these days. Hip hop is a great musical education in the sense that it draws from so many genres – you can hear a sample of a krautrock record in J Dilla tune and trace it back – and before you know it you’re wading in the depths of 1970s krautrock!


Who’s your favourite artist in this mix? Why?

I’ve been really enjoying Poppy Ajudha’s EP ‘Femme.’ ‘Where Did I Go?’ is off that. It’s been out for a while, but I only got round to listening to it properly on this tour. I was travelling at sunrise on no sleep between Vancouver & Seattle on the cross-country Amtrak Cascades train and listened to ‘Where Did I Go?’ on repeat. It’s great to see Poppy doing so well. I actually released her first single, David’s Song, on my label a few years ago.


What’s next?

I’ve got music coming out very soon and then playing live in London at EartH (Hackney Arts Centre) on 22nd September. Then off to Asia for a DJ tour… and then some more new music!


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