Steel Banglez give us a masterclass in UK rap in his exclusive mix

London's producer of the moment Steel Banglez runs through his biggest hits and favourite UK tunes in his Groundwork mix.


The amount of production talent in the UK at the moment is staggering. It seems that for every new MC that emerges, they bring three new producers with them, each one edging the sound of the moment forwards, reshaping it in their image. However, while plenty of new producers have found their way into the charts in recent years none have had such a meteoric rise as Forest Gate’s Steel Banglez. Like the greatest producers before him, Banglez has become a name in his own right, on equal footing with, if not overshadowing many of the artists he’s produced. For those who are unfamiliar, you’ll have heard Banglez on tracks from artists like Nines, Dave, MIST and Loski, not to mention nearly every other MC of note in the UK. Ahead of his performance at Reading and Leeds later this month we got Steel Banglez to put together a mix of all his beats to date as well as a few other UK favourite for this week’s Groundwork.

Take us through your mix – who have you included in it and why? 

So this mix is Steel Banglez in a clear box. It’s all the sounds and music that runs through my veins. All the sounds that I resonate with. It’s sometimes hard to put all these sounds in one place without feeling on edge knowing everything that I spend all my time creating can all be merged to encapsulate my sound. I placed all the music I’ve made which has gone out to the world on it plus a few tracks I really love.


When did you first start listening to this kind of music?

Growing up I was only a stone’s throw away from some of the greats in grime and rap in the UK. I was influenced by their style and demeanour. So in my early teens I’d say. I couldn’t get away from this style of music it was all around me, it was fate that I’d end up creating this style.


When did you start making music?

I started when I was in school as a child.


How has the music you’ve included in this mix shaped your music?

It’s all influenced the different styles I use to make music. However, it can all be thrown out the window based on what type of artist steps in the studio. I could throw out the rulebook and start from scratch and create something completely different. It all depends on the artist.


Who’s your favourite artist in this mix?  Why?

I don’t have any favourites. I guess I love all the artists I’ve included in different ways.


Which is your favourite track? Why?

Same answer as the above. However, I do love the three singles I’ve released from my side. So ‘Bad’, ‘Hot Steppa’ and Your Lovin’, I can listen to them all day every day.


Steel Banglez plays Reading and Leeds Festival, August 24th -26th. 

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