Teleman unveil their transformation

Teleman come through with a propulsive mix of Prince, Paul McCartney and more on their Groundwork mix.

Teleman are making a point out of being unpredictable. With their third album, Family of Aliens due out later this year, the London four-piece have reinvented themselves somewhat, embracing their shared love electronic music and taking their sounds to dizzying, danceable new heights. The most notable example we’ve had so far is the group’s latest single ‘Cactus’, the video for which we premiered back in May.

Now to tide us over until teh full record drops, we’ve enlisted Teleman for this week’s Groundwork mix. The results are not what we expected, while there’s plenty of groove on the group’s new material, we never saw the likes of Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and Nicholas Jarr coming when we asked them to whip up a set. The surprise is a good one though, with the like of Prince, Paul McCartney and Can also appearing throughout. The overall effect is a playlist of driving, if slightly off-road, anthems that will propel you through the week and maybe even make you a John Maus fan.

Who have you included in your mix?

Pete: Prince, Aphex Twin, Faust, Daft Punk, Paul McCartney, James Blake, Chi Coltrane, Can, John Maus, Nicolas Jaar.


How have these artists impacted your music?

I can draw parallels in many ways.  There’s a sense of minimalism in a few of these tracks (Nicolas Jaar, James Blake) which is evident in some of our work.  Then there’s that motoric / Krautrock style which is present in a lot of our tracks and obviously in Can’s music.  Aphex Twin’s flowing arrangements are an inspiration, and his sonic palette is so rich.  We love finding new sounds, though it can become an obsession.  Daft Punk create such amazing simple grooves, masters of their craft, and we use vocoders too sometimes.


People might not expect the likes of Aphex and John Maus to crop up in your work – how do fit in alongside Prince and Paul McCartney?

I guess we have a pretty broad taste so wanted to reflect that in the mix, and we’re definitely going in a more ‘electronic’ direction with this album and our live show.  At one point or another all these artists have pushed the boundaries of what is expected of them, so hopefully, we can do the same and surprise a few people.


What have you been listening to while working on your new album?

I was listening to some modular techno (lol), Blawan is one of those people who can actually do interesting and exciting things with that kind of equipment,  I’m not there yet, I just get lost in a rabbit hole, but one day!


How did you pick which tracks to include?

I thought about music that has either given me a strong emotional response or interested me in a geeky way, or if it has an amazing groove. A few years ago I got a last minute invite to see Prince at the Hippodrome Casino. Weird venue, it was some kind of after party for a film screening.  Since it was quite an intimate venue I somehow managed to shake his hand after the show, then I even more bizarrely won over two grand on the roulette wheel, which I later spent on guitar pedals.  I’ll never gamble again, but I will put Prince in this mix.


Which is your favourite track in the mix?

Chi Coltrane – ‘Hallelujah’,  I often play this when I (rarely) DJ, and it makes everyone happy.


Teleman play Lightbox, London July 4th.

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