Pop star Bentley Robles heralds a new era on his latest infectious single, 'High Definition Lover'.

Emerging from the shadows of New York’s underground music scene, Bentley Robles ignites a new chapter with his dazzling single, ‘HIGH DEFINITION LOVER’. The track, a hyper-pop gem infused with vibrant synths, captures the exhilarating rush of a screen-bound crush, making it a quintessential anthem for anyone who’s ever pined for a fictional love interest. With infectious energy, Bentley channels the universal thrill of fandom into a pulsating pop masterpiece.


Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, he shares, “Have you ever wished your fav fictional crush was real? That the leading man or woman in a movie could jump out of the screen and be with you? Well, I have & ‘HIGH DEFINITION LOVER’ is about that fantasy”.


Bentley, hailed as “the future of pop” by Monster Children, has capitalised on a couple of breakout years, where he’s released hits like ‘i hate the weekend’ and a synth-pop cover of ABBA’s  ‘lay all your love on me’, which has garnered over three million streams on Spotify.


Since debuting in 2019, Bentley has continually evolved, performing at iconic NYC venues like The Bowery Electric and Mercury Lounge. His debut EP, Don’t Feel Like Talking, released in 2021, featured a slew of pop hits that showcased his flair for blending experimental sounds with poignant lyrics.


Now, ‘HIGH DEFINITION LOVER’ marks the beginning of an exciting new era, so pop fans better get ready to be enthralled by the unrestrained creativity and infectious beats that the rising artist brings to the dancefloor.