Singer and musician Idriz Sanie talks about his musical journey and what keeps him going.

Edwis Ahmad Satarzadeh, aka Idriz Sanie, is one of the popular singers in the Afghani Persian music industry. His music has paved the way for new experiences for his fans worldwide. As a singer, Idriz is indeed fantastic. But his admirers can’t get enough of his fit physique, looks, fashion and social media presence. 


Without any godfather in the music industry, singer and musician Idriz has released six singles. His music video and songs serve as a reminder of the struggles of life and how far he has come. The music video and the lyrics connect with the listeners. Hence, in no time, the songs were super hits and were trending on YouTube and other music platforms.


Idriz has so far released tracks: “Ashubgar”, “Man Khaham Tora”, “Bia Bia”, “Az Hale Dele”, “Nazanin Yaram” and “Ayne”. His music videos have millions of views and lots of comments from fans who can’t get enough of his talent. The songs also receive a huge response because Idriz acts in the music videos. People get to see the actor’s side of him, which makes them fall more in love with his work. 


As an independent and growing artist, Idriz is full of hope and wants to make it big in the music industry. His music videos are available on his YouTube channel. Every song makes you crave more from the artist. 


When asked about his career and his dreams to grow bigger, the singer shares: “Just like any individual or artist, I am full of ambition. Music is close to my heart, and I love singing. I make songs that have real emotions, and I know many people have been through similar experiences. So it makes me happy to see the love I have received so far. I can’t wait to drop more videos and make people fall in love with my music again. I am sure life has bigger plans for me, and I want to keep working hard to make a mark in the industry”.

Watch the official “Ayne” music video below: