“sykle uten hender” by Pen Gutt

Norwegian rapper and self-confessed "prettyboi", Pen Gutt, brings unique warm flows to the summer with his latest track "sykle uten hender".

Pen Gutt is the breath of fresh air in the rap game you never knew you needed. An introvert at heart, Pen grew up in a quiet and off-kilter town in Norway attending Christian Summer Camp.

Fast forward to the present day, the buzzcut and rainbow-dyed rapper quietly roars of confidence and romanticism in “sykle uten hender”, off his upcoming debut LP “Hold Deg I Varmen”. Truly a unique artist in many ways, Pen Gutt perfectly amalgamates rap with the airy and atypical Norwegian Folk music. Two things you wouldn’t usually put together, however, Pen seems to do so with ease and comfort.

Diving into philosophy, Pen began throwing himself into the human condition regarding the absolute fear and necessity of death but decided to shine a dreamy melodic light on our fate with his woozy beats and honey-like flow. The project combines the musical tastes of Pen Gutt along with his producer Samkopf, – “everything from Death Grips to Aphex Twin to 1950 Scandinavian musicals to Jpegmafia to Charlotte dos Santos” – and also owes a great deal to the Japenese anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

So until the 6th of September when”Hold Deg I Varmen” drops, check out Pen Gutt’s exclusive premiere of “sykle uten hender” below produced by Citrus Studio in association with Also Know As!