Providing a fresh and unique take to the pop genre is Regulus Red with his fiery new track "The House Of God".

Regulus Red’s seductive vocals paired with the warped synth patterns and religious metaphors merge together to paint the picture of a sweet but toxic romance in his latest single. With a growing discography of dark pop bangers, Red invites us into his world as he artistically expresses his experiences through music with eccentric melodies and relatable lyricism.


This single forms part of Regulus’ just-released EP ‘Red Prince Of The Night’ where the singer has also written a short story to accompany the project. Speaking on the EP, Red shares: “Red Prince of The Night is the story of a prince who through sorrow and pain found power. Life is an intense fairytale and this EP is the prologue of my life. I hope you can appreciate the choice of sounds and lyrics that I created with the help of my friend and composer Future Humans. Red Prince Of The Night is the frame of who I am. And now it’s your turn to dive in”.


From writing songs whilst waiting tables in Barcelona to gaining over 300,000 streams on Spotify in 2020, this is just the beginning for Regulus Red as he journeys to dominate the pop world and beyond!

Listen to "The House of God" below: