A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Not Again (Sick in a cab)’ by Betty

Featuring on Betty’s debut project, Mind Over Matter, ‘Not Again (Sick in a cab)’ is a tale of taking it too far that we can all relate to. Getting sent home in a cab with nothing but a plastic bag to throw up in is never ideal, but it’s a notion that the London singer-songwriter depicts vividly on this standout single from the EP.

‘Fortune Green’ by Koteri

Soundtracking our summer evenings, Koteri’s rare groove-tinged ‘Fortune Green’ shines bright with glistening instrumentation akin to BADBADNOTGOOD. The London based crew, who take their name from the French word “coterie”, which means a small group of people with shared interests, are starting to make waves with their earworm-worthy psychedelic and soulful productions.

‘CEELO’ by Gdup

You might’ve seen Gdup in Aimé Leon Dore campaigns, featuring on tracks with StayFleeGetLizzy, or you might’ve been sleeping and not seen him at all. ‘CEELO’, with its regal trumpets and chest-rattling bassline, is a good place to start. Spilling his autotune hooks over an infectious instrumental, the singer-rapper proves why so many of his contemporaries want him on their tracks now.

‘2 HOT 4 THIS’ by LYAM & John Glacier

Reuniting once more, London polymaths LYAM and John Glacier remind us of their worth on ‘2 HOT 4 THIS’. ”I’m gonna love myself all over again,” is a poignant line from the outro verse, sang in emotional autotune, that embodies the uplifting spirit of this single.

‘Cold Caller’ by Honeyglaze

Ahead of their new album, Real Deal, released this September, London three-piece Honeyglaze are back with a new single titled ‘Cold Caller’. The trio’s second release of 2024, beautifully soundscapes a wistful delusion and loneliness through brooding guitar riffs and vocalist Anouska Sokolow’s lilting vocals.

‘opedge’ by oreglo

Released on Brownswood Recordings, the esteemed record label known for bringing us the brightest emerging voices in jazz and world music, oreglo’s debut EP, Not Real People is stacked with improvisation and polyrhythms. On ‘opedge’, the four piece traverse deep tuba and trumpet composition while drums rattle sonorously beneath.

‘Afraid Of Losing’ by Esme Emerson

Dropping their new EP today, British-Chinese sibling duo Esme Emerson show their growth as a group across four tracks. Our favourite has to be the opener, ‘Afraid Of Losing’, which sets the tone with a brooding four-to-the-floor and minimal garage instrumental. Having supported The Japanese House on their recent UK tour, the duo have announced details of their first London headline show at Folklore on 9th October.

‘CRUSH!’ by Alessi Rose

‘CRUSH!’ by Alessi Rose takes the pop-punk spirit of Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS and twists it into a raunchy coming-of-age story. Admitting to manipulative tendencies, the singer-songwriter is on a mission to break hearts, leading on boys who have the hots for her but she remains indecisive about.

‘MEDIUM RARE’ by MANSOUR, Rxlls, El Londo

When we see El Londo as a production credit, we already know what the outcome will be. On ‘MEDIUM RARE’, the beatmaker allows MANSOUR’s ruff cadence to glide contemplatively over spaced-out melodies and rumbling 808s while Rxlls adds his smooth lines to the mix.

‘Bored’ by Ally Nicholas

Ally Nicholas explores the complexities of mental health in her latest single, ‘Bored’. Blending grunge and metal, she creates an anthemic yet introspective track, which follows the success of her raw covers and self-directed videos. Echoing the ethos of her influences, the single captures the singer's resilience. With captivating intensity, she holds a mirror to the listener - an invitation to sit with the uncomfortable.