A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Colarado’ by The Hellp

The Hellp's new track, ‘Colorado’, exudes a fuzzy warmth, embracing their tongue-in-cheek indie sleaze aesthetic with introspective lyrics. The song's blend of melancholy and momentum captivates, echoing themes of longing and introspection against a backdrop of vivid imagery. ‘Colorado’ proves The Hellp's knack for emotive storytelling within the electroclash genre, promising a compelling addition to their repertoire.

‘UK SYNTH’ by Deema, Bawo

Deema's latest single, ‘UK SYNTH’, featuring fellow rising emcee Bawo, sets the stage for his upcoming EP, DOG WITH A £, slated for August. Produced by Dom Valentino, the track's infectious beats and sharp lyricism highlight Deema's evolution as a prominent voice in UK rap. With its gritty visuals and relentless energy, ‘UK SYNTH’ solidifies the south Londoner’s reputation for pushing boundaries.

’04’ by Chy Cartier

Channelling the raw energy of road rap with a deep, flowy voice that pierces with poignant intensity, Chy Cartier’s ’04’ proves why there’s so much hype around the artist. Her narrative of ascent from the bottom to the top, coupled with a commanding declaration of superiority, resonates powerfully over an instrumental that's punctuated with gunshot-like beats, creating a compelling streets anthem.

‘Best Time’ by Qbanaa

Qbanaa's 'Best Time' delicately navigates themes of nostalgia and toxicity, painting a poignant picture of cherished memories entangled in a turbulent relationship. Set against a backdrop of dulcet acoustic guitar melodies, her harmonious falsetto vocals evoke a sense of bittersweet longing and reflection, capturing the essence of fleeting moments and emotional complexity in a heartfelt musical expression.

‘boombox’ by Natanya

Natanya's 'boombox' is a vibrant, intergalactic blend of Afrobeats and experimental neo-soul, showcasing her boundary-pushing artistry. The infectious Afro rhythms pulse throughout, creating an irresistible groove as Natanya's croons ponder deeply with the poignant question, “How long until you're really back home?”. It's a mesmerising fusion that invites listeners into a richly textured sonic journey.

‘Short Straws’ by Tex

Tex's ‘Short Straws’ combines his signature old-school croon with pared-back vintage rock and soaring indie vibes, captivating listeners with its heartfelt exploration of relationship struggles. Accompanied by a visually striking video inspired by his love for video games, the song serves as an impressive preview of his forthcoming EP, Identity Crisis. With its release set for July 24th via AWAL, the project promises a compelling journey through themes of disorientation and introspection.

‘Same Room’ by Negative Shawdy

Ingeniously flipping a sample from Suzanne Vega’s ‘Tom’s Diner’, into a fresh hyperpop gem, ‘Same Room’ is the latest single from Negative Shawdy. The song explores emotional turmoil and feeling disconnected from a loved one despite physical proximity. Teasing her upcoming debut LP Dancing with the Lights Out, her blend of hip-hop, R&B, and hyperpop, infused with '90s rave culture, showcases a unique and experimental sound.

‘Aguas’ by Meelo

Released this week, Meelo’s new EP, Aria, is a testament to his resilience and artistic evolution, born from a period of self-discovery following a serious bike accident. Transitioning from a touring session player to focusing on production and poetry, he has crafted an ethereal and soothing collection of songs that provides a sonic haven amidst chaos. The project reflects his journey of overcoming adversity, aiming to foster peace and self-empowerment in an overwhelmingly disempowering world. The instrumental beauty of ‘Aguas’ makes it our pick of the bunch.

‘Lifeline’ by Aquariuz

Freshly released, Aquariuz's ‘Lifeline’ is already making waves in the underground R&B scene. With sweet vocals that softly float on the beat, ‘Lifeline’ oozes with dreamy charm and sex appeal while its spacey production accompanies her lyrics perfectly. Singing about a newfound crush, Aquariuz effortlessly pulls listeners in with her siren-like charm, keeping them spellbound throughout the entire song.

‘WSYWM (Watch Me)’ by Hazy Shea

Hazy Shea's ‘WSYWM (Watch Me)’ is an empowering anthem that embraces the messy emotions of post-breakup angst. We all know the feeling of wanting to make an ex jealous, but this song isn't about getting them back, it's about the thrill of knowing you're still desired, even if it means stoking the flames of jealousy. "I wrote this song is a celebration of petty energy. It's a reminder that sometimes, instead of taking the high road, it's okay to take the dance floor, and let your ex watch you shine," the artist explains.