Rebel Dykes Art and Archive Show: Queer, Intergenerational Bonds

A brand-new take on a historic queer archival show, the Rebel Dykes community are back with a vengeance to demonstrate the importance of lesbian art in the flesh.

Bea Miller: A Natural Progression From The Old To The New

“I just wanna feel something / I just wanna feel” laments Bea Miller on her smash hit “Feel Something”. Feel something, she does, deeply and intuitively throughout her new EP “elated!”.

Switching Things Up With Abbie Ozard

Indie artist Abbie Ozard chats about her tricks for switching things up musically, creating in lockdown, and making songs that people can relate to.

The Wonderful World of Lynks

Why so serious? This is the question we’re asking of music, after experiencing the queer, delightful whirlwind that is Lynks (formerly Lynks Afrikka).

Dream Wife: Emotion, Fire and Sisterhood

We speak to the badass punk-rock band, Dream Wife, about the importance of energy, their favourite songs to mosh to, and releasing an album not just in lockdown, but with the members in different countries.