Sleepwalkrs: “Music Was a Risk”

Sleepwalkrs: “Music Was a Risk”

Sleepwalkrs opens up about his musical path, working with Beatrich, and why following his musical dreams was a risk. Plus, hear his exclusive Notion x BULLDOG Gin mix.

Notion Now: Get Into It With Niko B

Notion Now: Get Into It With Niko B

Gen Z saviour, record hitmaker…Witty rapper Niko B talks all things “It's All Gone”, performing at his first festivals and unexpectedly shaking up the music industry.

Renaissance Woman: Dede Lovelace

Wearer of multiple caps, skateboarder, DJ, actress, and artist Dede Lovelace is a modern-day renaissance woman.

C Montana Is Never Giving Up

London based rapper, C Montana, chats with Notion about the creation of his brand new mixtape, ‘Never Give Up’, which is set to propel the star to the next level.

Notion Now: Get Into It With Potter Payper

The East End rap icon-in-the-making discusses the next phase of his career with new tape ‘Thanks For Waiting’, signing to 0207 Def Jam and the prominence of his infamous rap trilogy, ‘Training Day’.

Tinn: “Coming From Birmingham Instantly Gives You a Different Sound to Most”

Birmingham’s ruling rapper Tinn speaks on his return to music after a two-year hiatus and letting his experiences lead the way.

Joy Anonymous are Changing the Tides of Music Creation to Bring Joy to the Nation

Joy Anonymous are redefining the way music is heard, felt, and created by growing a community of collective freedom in a decentralized movement to empower human expression.

Digital Cover: Amber Mark Goes ‘Three Dimensions Deep’

New York singer, songwriter and producer, Amber Mark, fronts Notion's September Digital Cover, speaking on her upcoming debut album, 'Three Dimensions Deep'.

Jaden Thompson: “You’re Only As Good As Your Last Track”

Rising DJ and producer, Jaden Thompson, speaks on his journey and the importance of experimenting with sound. Plus, hear his exclusive Notion x BULLDOG Gin mix.

Omah Lay: “Not Every Day You Wake Up to a Justin Bieber DM or Wizkid Text”

Omah Lay talks about his journey as a producer before stepping out as an artist, his latest single, “Understand”, recent London show, and more.

Notion Now: Get Into It With BackRoad Gee

London’s rising star discusses his imminent debut mixtape, his history with music and the excitement of getting it out to the world.

The Driver Era’s ‘Girlfriend’ Is Less Alt and More Rihanna

Ahead of their first album in over two years, Ross and Rocky Lynch discuss exactly what fell into place to make ‘Girlfriend’ their most inspired - and sonically diverse - body of work yet.

Ric Wilson: “I Wanted to Rap About Things in a Positive Light”

'Worldwide funk' artist and rapper, Ric Wilson, speaks with photographer Holly-Marie Cato about the time he spent in the UK, from the new slang he picked up (and got tattooed on him) to the friends he made and much more.