L.A.X: “My Happy Place Is The Studio”

L.A.X: “My Happy Place Is The Studio”

Nigerian superstar L.A.X discusses his summer-ready album 'No Bad Vibes', making music with global intention and his current tour.

BAMBII: “Something Cool Is Happening In Toronto That’s Ours”

BAMBII: “Something Cool Is Happening In Toronto That’s Ours”

Taking a rare moment away from the DJ booth, BAMBII discusses the evolution of electronic music in Toronto, taking ‘JERK’ worldwide and consuming Kelela’s album as a fan.

Thomas Headon Is Here To Have Fun

Ahead of his Barn on the Farm set, we got acquainted with Thomas Headon, talking festival do’s and don’ts, “2009 TOYOTA” and why coffee and transport should be free for everyone.  

Pap Chanel: “I’ve Learned To Use My Words In A Way That Affects People”

Fresh from releasing her brand new EP, 'PAPTIVITIES', Pap Chanel shares her dream collaborations, musical inspirations, and rise to success.

Tazer Black & Chuckie: “It’s More Than A Club Night, It’s An Experience”

With the anniversary 'RnB and Slow Jams' event this Sunday, Tazer Black and Chuckie discuss a commitment to curating good vibes, their deep trust for each other, and reflect on the community they've created.

Digital Cover: Goya Gumbani’s Style Is Blooming

Poised for the release of his forthcoming project, ‘When The Past Bloomed’, Goya Gumbani discusses the making of his latest video, a one-of-a-kind approach to music, and embracing your unique self through style.

Discover 6 Artists Quebec Spring Is Supporting This Summer

Spreading Canadian sunshine to our south coast, Quebec Spring will be hosting artists at The Great Escape Festival this week. Here are six on the project's roster you should know about.

Digital Cover: Sam Tompkins Is Finding Validity Through Connectivity

Perfecting a winning formula in his forthcoming single “See Me”, Sam Tompkins speaks connectivity, kinship and settling into a new sonic era.

Deyaz Is Stepping Into The Spotlight

Deyaz talks new music, his journey so far, navigating social media as an introvert, and finding purpose after his talent led him into the spotlight.

Liv Little: “I Don’t Want To Do The Same Thing Forever”

We spoke to Liv Little about her debut novel Rosewater, writing a coming-of-age character and what it means to live before you tell the tale.

For Kelvyn Colt, Humanity Is The Motivator

2023 is shaping up to be Kelvyn Colt's most prolific to date. We sat down to speak changing societal perception, putting humanity first and why he values community.

Tyla: “People Would Die To Be In This Position”

We caught up with Tyla in a rare moment of peace, chatting adolescent dreams, making amapiano, and why it's important to always be grateful.

Making Waves with Martha & On

Inspired by movement, sport and her self-founded running collective 'Tempo', Martha is a DJ making waves wearing On's new Cloudsurfer running shoe.