“Juliet” by Bad Heather

“Juliet” by Bad Heather

20-year-old newcomer, Bad Heather, bursts onto the scene with his debut single "Juliet", an electro-pop bop with an 80s tinge.

“Terrified of Love” by Mountain Bird

“Terrified of Love” by Mountain Bird

Swedish singer-songwriter Adam Öhman - better known as Mountain Bird - releases his track "Terrified of Love" which is an honest commentary on the qualms of commitment.

“AIR I BREATHE” by Sophie Blair

Hear Sophie Blair's electro-pop bop, "AIR I BREATHE", for the first time ahead of its release tomorrow.

“THINK ABOUT ME” by sakehands

Get an exclusive first listen to sakehands' new tune "THINK ABOUT ME".

The Making of “Soulboy” with Greentea Peng and p-rallel

Take a peek inside the making of "Soulboy," the new tune from London's p-rallel and Greentea Peng.

“Rabbit Hole” by Jake Bugg

Kick off your weekend with the premiere of Jake Bugg's trippy "Rabbit Hole" music video. We spoke to the British rocker about the new visuals, experimenting with his sound, and loving 60s psychadelia.

Selected by rum•gold

To celebrate the release of his thought-provoking, seminal and emotive new track, 'Fix Me', we get rising R&B superstar rum•gold to curate a playlist of vital Black LGBTQ artists that have inspired him.

“No More Gang Wars (Together)” by Tokio Myers

The enigmatic Tokio Myers has released the powerful new video for No More Gang Wars (Together) - a thoughtful and emotive commentary on what is going on in the world right now and the power behind Black Lives Matter.

“Blame It On The Lights” by Tim Kamrad

Immerse yourself in the 80s-tinged soundscape of Tim Kamrad and his latest single 'Blame It On The Lights'.

“Get Out On The Dancefloor” by Joe Goddard x Groove Armada

Brighten up your morning with tastemakers Groove Armada as their addictive new track 'Get Out On The Dancefloor' gets the Joe Goddard remix treatment.

“My Game” by Zella Day

Start your weekend off right and immerse yourself in this enticing disco anthem, 'My Game', taken off her upcoming EP 'Where Does The Devil Hide' by the enigmatic Zella Day.