In the Mix: Duskus

In the Mix: Duskus

Pushing forward with his own genre of 'romantic rave' music, Duskus makes Notion an exclusive mix full of euphoric dance tracks in honour of his latest single "Let Go".

Fresh Face: North Naim

Fresh Face: North Naim

We caught up with Swiss-Angolan artist North Naim to find out his party trick, ultimate style icon, and the events of a recent run-in with 500 seagulls.

Trevis: Escaping the Dark Places

Norwegian artist Trevis tells Notion about becoming an LA native, fresh starts, and finding his sound.

RY X: “There Was A Lot of Space In My Youth”

Australian artist, RY X, continues his transcendental quest for vulnerability with his upcoming project “Blood Moon”. He discusses his upbringing, how nature is integral to his work, and how he stays true to himself in the face of growing success.

Will Linley: Embracing Change

South African rising star Will Linley chats about attaining fame on TikTok, connection during the pandemic and the joy of performing.

Flynn’s Battle Against Pessimism

Irish pop star Flynn chats reconnecting with his Irish roots, finding positivity in hard times, and the nature of creative inspiration.

Fresh Face: Jasmyn

Jasmyn chats about go-to karaoke tunes, the power of peanut butter, current obsessions and much more.

TAAHLIAH: “I Just Want to Be Known For Being a Great Artist”

Musical trailblazer TAAHLIAH chats about her performing spot at the Flesh Queer Festival, connecting with her fans and the joys of performing live.

Starmoney: “Now Is My Time”

Rising rapper Starmoney chats about adlibbing, mixing cultures and his love of songwriting.

Fresh Face: Sam Akpro

Peckham-born rising artist Sam Akpro talks music, memes and why he'd choose flying as his superpower.

Honey Dijon: “I Am a Proponent of Joy”

Honey Dijon on facilitating celebration and joy through music, her happy place, and upcoming Pandora's Box show in London this May.

In the Mix: Melle Brown

DJ/producer Melle Brown on her new single, getting support from Sir Elton John, how she's gearing up for festival season, and an exclusive mix.

Fresh Face: Sol Paradise

We caught up with Sol Paradise to find out his creative inspirations, which icons he’d love to sit down with, and the rising artist's aspirations for the future.