Notion 89: Griff

Notion 89: Griff

BRIT Rising Star winner, Griff, speaks to Notion about her new mixtape, her surreal shout out from Taylor Swift, the importance of producing her own music, and why she just wants to write the best, most honest pop songs she can.

Notion 89: Marcelo de la Vega

Notion 89: Marcelo de la Vega

Whether it’s discovering art, travelling the world or working through a breakup, MARCELO DE LA VEGA is channelling his experiences through experimental alt-pop.

Notion 89: Sad Night Dynamite

While most of us spent the past year doing the bare minimum, Sad Night Dynamite were dreaming up a cinematic, dystopian vision with their self-titled debut mixtape. This year, they’re laying plans to pull us further into the vortex.

Notion 89: Karl Benjamin

With his dreamy debut EP 'D.R.I.S.T.', singer-songwriter Karl Benjamin is issuing a call for connection.

Notion 89: Kamakaze

As the first person to have appeared as both a character on FIFA and have his music soundtrack the series, Kamakaze is the footballer and rapper making his own rules in the game.

Notion 89: Cosha

With her spellbinding debut album Mt. Pleasant, COSHA is in full bloom.

Notion 89: Oliver Malcolm

Transcending categorisation completely with his eclectic range of influences, Oliver Malcolm is carving a path that's entirely his own, open to anyone who's down for the ride.

Notion 89: AG Club

Meet AG CLUB: the expansive Bay Area hip-hop collective inviting you to check your expectations.

Notion 89: Master Peace

Bringing unmatched energy with a frenetic fusion of rap and indie pop, Master Peace is hitting heavy with his EP, 'Public Display of Affection'. He chats about experimenting with his sound and subverting expectations.

Notion 89: Mysie

With dreamy soundscapes stretching from indie to soul, rising artist MYSIE is commanding centre stage with her new EP, 'Undertones'.

Notion 89: renforshort

Lauren Isenberg, better known as RENFORSHORT, creates soul-baring songs that tackle youth, anxiety, romance, restlessness, and self-image. Chatting to NOTION, she talks navigating social media, keeping it candid in her music and her new EP.

Notion 89: Lila Iké interviewed by Protoje

Speaking to her friend and collaborator PROTOJE, Jamaican artist LILA IKÉ reflects on the importance of mentorship and learning to master patience.

Notion 89: Long Live The Queens!

In a world where you can be anything… be camp. Be camp as f**k. Thankfully this group of breakout bop droppers and drag slayers don’t need to be told the brief twice.