Life’s a Parade and Shared Dreams by Gracie Brackstone

Life’s a Parade and Shared Dreams by Gracie Brackstone

Photographer Gracie Brackstone provides us with exclusive images from two of her recent photobooks, Life’s a Parade and Shared Dreams for NOTION 95.

Room 14 by Alex Heron

Room 14 by Alex Heron

Photographer Alex Heron provides her thoughts and reflections, in writing and photos, of her time while under section at a secure psychiatric hospital for NOTION 95.

Kurdish Girls Swimming by Êvar Hussayni

When Archivist and Founder of The West Asian and North African Women's Art Library Êvar Hussayni travelled to her homeland of Kurdistan, she visited a small village, meeting ancestors for the first time and photographing the Kurdish community.

The Silhouettes Project

Daring to do things differently, The Silhouettes Project are the music collective of over 50 people capturing a community essence that’s long been missing in London’s dispersing ‘underground’ music scene. 

Absolutely for Notion 95

A rising star masterminding her glittering artistic output, we share cosmic conversation with singer-songwriter Absolutely, on her love for all things sci-fi, fantasy and writing music.

Florence Rose for Notion 95

Introducing Florence Rose, the 25-year-old It Girl discussing her passion for spooky arthouse films and re-discovering the essence of girlhood.

James Massiah for Notion 95

With poetry primed for the dancefloor, James Massiah wants to remind us of the highs and lows of love in hedonistic spaces. Here, he talks his new EP, True Romance and how he wishes to connect people to a deeper sense of being.

Erika de Casier for Notion 95

Danish singer-songwriter Erika de Casier’s cult following has reached new heights. Her latest album, Still, is an odyssey through genre, it’s a masterpiece of sonic evolution and production that takes R&B to new dimensions.

Ashbeck for Notion 95

Gearing up for the release Ashlondo 3, Ashbeck reflects on how far he and his bars have come. From voice memo raps to freestyling SoundCloud with El Londo, the north west Londoner is collaboratively pioneering the new sounds of UK rap.

ArrDee for Notion 92

As he unleashes his highly anticipated collab with K-Motionz and Riko Dan, we take it back to our Notion 92 cover interview with Brighton hot-shot, ArrDee.

Kneecap for Notion 95

Belfast-based hip-hop trio Kneecap are soundtracking an Irish cultural resurgence. For Notion 95, they talk their Sundance film debut, challenging authority and why they stick up for what they believe in.

Chy Cartier for Notion 95

At just 19, north London's Chy Cartier is shaking up the UK rap scene, channelling her energy into infectious hits and capturing a new wave of hip-hop enthusiasts while she's at it.

Paul Russell for Notion 95

Paul Russell’s moment is now. Kickstarting 2024 with new music, the rising star is joyously sharing his R&B meets funk and hip-hop with the world, and won't be slowing down any time soon.