An-Ting creates a powerful lament on the immigrant experience through spoken word and electronica in her latest soundtrack.

An-Ting is the one-to-watch in the world of composing. Manifesting soaring ballads that bring electronica and tender piano melodies together, she draws upon life experiences to create a narrative so poignant it feels like strings plucked from the heart. Whilst her recent soundtrack, every dollar is a soldier/with money you’re a dragon, features distinctive sounds of Chinese instruments imbedded within a contemporary flair, it’s the pressing narrative that truly strikes a chord.


Juxtaposing the struggles of impoverished Chinese settlers in London with the lavish lifestyles of the opulent, An-Ting conjures a myriad of reflections on the pursuit of wealth, status and the longing for a place to call ‘home’. Working with rapper and actor, Daniel York Loh, she incorporates his pressing spoken word rap, with his wordplay only adding layers of depth to the storyline. Set atop a thrilling combination of electronic music tied in with An-Ting’s rich heritage, An-Ting bridges differing musical traditions from both East and West, whilst Daniel’s wordsmith prowess sets the scene.


Throughout the soundtrack, An-Ting takes her blending of different sounds to another level—from the haunting notes of the tack piano to the lively rhythms of a jaunty waltz and the melodic strains of the pipa—she whisks us across continents to the serenity of Asia. Yet, she also captures the gritty essence of London with darker, smoke-laden electronic tracks like ‘showtime’ and ‘culture’ creating a dynamic contrast that only underscores the complexity of human experience.


Speaking about the track, An-Ting says, “As a concert pianist with a heritage rooted in East culture, the prospect of creating a project that harmoniously integrates traditions from both East and West is incredibly exciting. I embedded the distinctive sounds of Chinese instruments into a contemporary style, conveying a different musical expression”.

Listen to ‘every dollar is a soldier/with money you’re a dragon’ now: