Notion 78 Not3s



2017 was the year Not3s took over the UK. It started when his late-2016 single ’Addison Lee’ went viral, riding the wave all the way into summer until it was bested by its follow-ups ’Aladdin’ and ’My Lover’, breaking the top 40 in the process. Jump forward to November and he delivered on the hype with his debut EP, proving there was more to his success than just viral singles.

Now fully established as Afroswing’s first pop star, in his exclusive cover story, Not3s tells us about his upbringing, his ambitions and how music is changing his life. For Notion 78, the identity issue we find out how Not3s’ ambition stretches beyond his home, speaking about his plans for fame he tells Notion: “[Success] would just allow me to change more people’s lives; you have your first family, your second family, it keeps going. I’m starting to change my first family’s situation, and I want to keep doing that until it hits the whole of Africa. That’s my family. That’s my heritage.”