ION's new tune expresses individuality in fascinating style.

Kosovo-born, London-based artist Jon Sadiku has refashioned himself under the moniker of ION, producing indie-trap tunes that probe the boundaries of what idiosyncratic hip-hop can be in atmospheric and experimental style.


Influenced by his upbringing in Kosovo, ION’s music is informed by the adventurous spirit cultivated in a childhood of hiking and exploring. That’s filtered directly into his latest single to be released, “1 on 1”.


It’s a beguiling mixture of ambient music and impactful rap, ION’s bars floating in a dreamy and complex melody that creates its own unique sense of rhythm. The unusual nature of the track is a perfect embodiment of the individualistic talent ION possesses, and this song sees him claim his status as an experimenter without boundaries.


On the song, he says, “1 of 1 embodies the idea that there truly is only one of you (hence the name). That’s why being yourself is such an important thing to embrace, because that is what will ultimately get you through the coldest of times and over the largest of mountains.”

Listen to "1 of 1":


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