Honouring SOPHIE’s legacy as an pioneering artist, DJ and producer, we’ve selected 10 of her underrated cuts.

“Nothing More to Say - Dub” by SOPHIE

One of her very first releases, SOPHIE’s “Nothing More to Say - Dub” proved that the artist had an innovative and authentic creative vision way ahead of her years. Minimal in vocals, but heavy on its production, this pulsating track brought a futuristic electronica vibe to house music.

“Is It Cold In The Water” by SOPHIE

The harmonies and ethereal production on this track make “Is It Cold in The Water” a true masterpiece.


“HARD” is quite literally a hard-hitting cut. Driven by its helter-skelter production, this track is one of SOPHIE’s earlier releases that very quickly established her individual sound. Coated in warped electronics and menacing beats, this cut is the personification of her craft.


Officially released in 2015, no other artist was making music like SOPHIE at the time, and it’s fair to say “BIPP” stood out in the electronic scene as an intriguing, unconventional glitch-pop release.

“Yeah Right” by Vince Staples

Vince Staples’ “Yeah Right” is a heavy track produced by SOPHIE (alongside Flume). Throughout her career the artist has produced, mixed and written more tracks than the music industry count. On “Yeah Right” SOPHIE marks her sound through the use of discorded synths, PC electronics, and bass wobbles.

“Hey QT” by QT

Another track co-produced by SOPHIE, QT’s “Hey QT” is a quirky release that takes on a softer electronic sound and is driven by high-pitch vocals. The beauty of SOPHIE’s production on this track is that it not only fits so well, but it simultaneously reflects SOPHIE’s work as a producer so effortlessly.


During SOPHIE’s first few years as an artist, each of her singles had a staple piece of artwork that was a fusion of vibrance and minimalism. Her 2015 release “LEMONADE” is a prime example of this, and is a track that furthered her avant-garde approach to electronic music even more.

“Hot Pink” by Let’s Eat Grandma

Bursting into the scene in 2016, after a string of single releases, Let’s Eat Grandma’s “Hot Pink” is a tasty track co-produced by SOPHIE. After sharing the tune in 2018, Let’s Eat Grandma quickly became an experimental project to back.


“ELLE” is a significant track from the artist as it stands out as one of her darkest releases to date. Whilst it doesn’t have the same buoyancy as her popular releases, “ELLE” is an alluring single and prime example of SOPHIE’s versatility.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the words when praising SOPHIE’s incredible work. Dropped in 2015, “MSMSMSM” is another distorted cut that distinguished her sound of juddering beats and piercing synths so well.


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