After shutting down Glastonbury and going live today with their reunion tour tickets, look back on 10 underrated tracks from the Sugababes.


Rereleased last month under the official Sugababes name, "Flatline" - our first original trio reunion - finally got the love and justice it deserves.

"Same Old Story" (Blood Orange remix)

A shimmery, stripped-back take on a classic.

"Just Let It Go"

An unsung track from their seminal album, 'One Touch'.

"Angels With Dirty Faces"

The (overlooked) title track from their 2002 second studio album.

"Just Don’t Need This"

Another riled up gem from the “Round Round” era.


A perfect pop song that didn’t exactly go under the radar in 2007, but should have gone down in history as the standout from 'Change'.

"Side Chick"

Catchy and cuttingly direct, it's Sugababes at their best on 'Catfights and Spotlights'.

"Miss Everything" (feat. Sean Kingston)

A song that couldn't sound more 2010 — big beat, big hook, Sean Kingston, a chorus so bad it’s actually great.

"Run for Cover" (MNEK remix)

It’s not summer this year 'til we’ve danced to this at a party on the beach.

"Promises" (Acoustic Mix) - 20 Year Remaster

A twist on a classic, hitting harmonies that prove even after several iterations of the the band, the original three are our enduring icons.