New Jersey R&B artist Trav Torch opens up to listeners in his nostalgic new album, 100% Torch.

In music today, R&B has many faces but Trav Torch is an artist harking back to the genre’s ’90s sounds. The New Jersey-based vocalist and producer’s latest album, 100% Torch, showcases how he’s giving the sound his modern twist. Not only did he compose the nine tracks, he also recorded and mixed them before releasing them under his label, Cologne and Cognac


Smooth vocals, nostalgic harmonies and soul-stirring strings set the mood for the narrative to unfold. Opening up about romantic relationships, Trav Torch’s emotions filter into lyrics and soundscapes – there’s love, yearning and melancholy as intimate memories surface. ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight’, featuring Bizzy Bone, is a highlight, as passion and pain collide in a layered chorus reflecting on a tumultuous relationship. 


‘Can I Have You Tonight’ has plenty of allure, equally adept at soundtracking late-night drives and slow dances. The song’s silky production arrives thanks to a well-considered collaboration with Tony Sway: a producer who has worked with Tyga, whose influence in keeping with the seductive, OG R&B sound that Trav channels.


Trav Torch’s musical identity has shapeshifted many times since he began seriously making music at age 13, but ’90s R&B remains a constant source of his inspiration. 100% Torch proves that Trav has come into his own as an artist and honed his unique style. 


Listen to '100% Torch' now: