Working up an appetite for their forthcoming single “Hungry (For Love)”, LF SYSTEM take us through ten of their favourite late night eats & beats.

Fresh off a UK Number 1 single, dance music duo LF SYSTEM are back with a new single, “Hungry (For Love)”. Made up of Conor Larkman and Sean Finnigan, the new track follows the success of “Afraid To Feel”, that hit 150 million global streams, with eight consecutive weeks in the top spot.


Celebrating the fresh release by hosting pop-up parties at independent fast food chains across Edinburgh, Manchester, and London, the duo have come far since their beginnings in the Scottish countryside.


In honour of the new tune, LF SYSTEM have put together ten of their favourite ‘Late Night Eats & Beats’ tunes. From Drake, to Oasis, to MF DOOM, Conor chooses the first 5 tracks, and Sean the latter. Dive in!

"The Melody of Life" by Gwen McRae

Conor: "This track is our celebration tune after a show and the adrenaline is still running high as everything went well. It’s a happy disco number that usually sums up how we’re feeling."

"Sea - Young Marco Remix" by Roosevelt

Conor: "This is one for the after party, or even a taxi home. The bassline and melody make you feel like you’re in a trance from the night before. Absolute brain fuel!"

"Sticky" by Drake

Conor: This tune is perfect for the train/car/plane (insert mode of transport here) to the next gig. Some of the lyrics feel relatable and it’s the perfect song to get you hyped to stay awake and smash the next show."

"Live Forever" by Oasis

Conor: "A classic indie track from our youth that we always like to play together after we’ve done something new and really special, which recently has been almost everything! We’ve always enjoyed listening to it to remind us of how lucky we are to be in the situation we’re currently in, making a living from a job we love and have always wanted to do - Chasing dreams."

"If You Were Here Tonight" by Alexander O’Neil

Conor: "This is the last song before putting the head down. Even in the rough traveling mornigs, it’s rocket fuel for chilling you out and making you feel better on these tiresome Sundays. A soppy love song, but one of the best on the planet."

"SpottieOttieDopaliscious" by Outkast

Sean: "What a journey this track is. Perfect for the post club drive home with food in hand and the windows down. When those horns come in: WOW!"

"Doomsday" by MF DOOM, Pebbles The Invisible Girl

Sean "There’s so many MF DOOM tracks you could pick and it was a difficult choice. The chilling nature of this track makes your hairs stand up on end in the same way they do when we come off stage after a huge set."

"Electric Relaxation" by A Tribe Called Quest

Sean: "Again, so many tracks you could pick from Tribe. I’ve come home after many a gig recently and sat back with this on reflecting on how mad a gig we just played. The flow and the sample are unreal and it’s the perfect track to unwind, as the name suggests."

"Grown Man Sport" by Pete Rock

Sean: "Having this blasting as Conor and I are cruising back up the M6 to Scotland at 4am after shows down south. Life feels good when this is on and we know our own beds aren’t far away."

"Nightgowns" by Tom Misch, Loyle Carner

Sean: "Everything these two touch is gold so adding this one is a no brainer. The title obviously lends itself to those late night / early morning moments. It’s the perfect balance of calling it a night and waking up early. I’ve had this on in bed as I drift off after a big night and also in the car as I head to the airport for an early start."


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