Off the back of their new single "Ruin Your Night", Irish alt-rock band modernlove. select 10 songs that inspire them.

"I Still Remember" by Bloc Party

"Bloc Party are the kind of band you strive to be. This is, maybe, the best indie love song of all time."

"Shuffle" by Bombay Bicycle Club

"Bombay really informed the way we wrote songs starting off as a band. The fact that you can cry to this track or just dance around and vibe is something we always try to channel."

"I Never Learnt To Share" by James Blake

"We always want to take people somewhere with our tunes and we’ve loved creating atmosphere with electronic tracks. Play this with headphones on and close your eyes."

"Heaven or Las Vegas" by Cocteau Twins

"They’re just the coolest band ever. We weren’t even alive when this was released and it still makes us feel nostalgic."

"Temptation" by New Order

"Guitars and a drum machine... that’s modernlove."

"Close To Me" by The Cure

"I heard this song the night of my first ever break up. It’s so lovely and so devastating."

"Sticky Like Glue" by Prince

"Whenever we get together for a few drinks this song is queued without fail."

"Cute Without The “E” by Taking Back Sunday

"Being a band from a small town in Ireland who wanted to get away, this pop punk stuff really resonated with us."

"Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way" by The Streets

"A love story in a messy apartment littered with empty cans and packets of skins. I love lyrics that find beauty and tragedy in mundane, every day life."

"Raglan Road" by Luke Kelly

"Maybe just because we’re Irish. Maybe because it’s the greatest love song of all time."

Stream the band's latest release below:


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