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The Game of Thrones star swaps her kill for her musical thrill list in her 10Trax guest edit.

Over the past eight years, we’ve watched actress Maisie Williams transform from a cute ‘needle’ wielding tom-boy to a bold, badass assassin as Arya Stark in what has arguably become the world’s biggest TV series, Game of Thrones. Her somewhat successful revenge mission has made her a firm fan favourite, and left viewers hoping that she’ll survive the shows blood-drenched climax when it airs next Spring.

As the sun sets on GoT, the 21-year-old has already set her sights on her next project. Earlier this year she launched her very own app, Daisie, a unique platform which unites creative individuals and offers up the opportunity to meet and collaborate with like-minded young talents.“I want Daisie to give other creatives the opportunities that I was lucky enough to receive at the beginning of my career. Daisie will break down the archaic gap between youth and creative jobs; offering new opportunities for individuals to collaborate, learn and create.” She says of her thought process behind the app.

Upgrading her kill list to her musical thrill list, the actress-turned-CEO selects the #10Trax that she can’t stop listening to.

Childish Gambino – ‘Feels Like Summer’

"I like listening to this song and while watching iconic vines, it’s definitely a past time of mine."

Cigarettes After Sex – ‘Crush’

"This song is guaranteed to get me dancing around my bedroom like an idiot!"

James Blake – ‘Don’t Miss It’ 

"I listen to at least one James Blake song a day but if I had to pick the one I’ve got on repeat right now it would be don’t miss it."

L’impératrice – ‘Erreur 404’

"I love this song, makes me feel like I’m out on mischievous night in Paris, getting up to no good."

Grimes – ‘Genesis’ 

"I run to this song so it always puts me in a good mood."

Sub Motion Orchestra – ‘Variations’ 

"Such an easy listen but also makes you’re eardrums go “oooooh”, especially at 3 mins in."

Mala – ‘Noche Sueños’ 

"I challenge anyone who says yoga is boring to try out some stretches to this song. Makes the whole experience a lot more fun in my opinion."

FKA twigs – ‘Two Weeks’ 

"Been listening to a lot of synths recently, FKA twigs always comes through with a killer track. This song also makes me feel about 50% sexier after listening. "

Kahn – ‘Abbatoir’

"This is another track that features heavily on my yoga playlist. Yoga. 140. What’s not to love?"

For more information about Daisie, please click here.

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