DJ, broadcaster and creative producer Vanessa Maria takes us through her favourite mixes and livestreams of 2022.

Boiler Room - Nooriyah

‘Middle of Nowhere’ is a project and party series celebrating the very best SWANA (South West Asian & North African) sounds from London and beyond, founded and curated by the scene's leading light Nooriyah. In this Boiler Room, Nooriyah showcases her sound alongside her Baba which is quite easily the most heartfelt performance of the year.

In The Lab - La La

In the overspill of talent flooding out of Scotland, La La has proved to be one of the most exciting up-and-comers. Hailing from Glasgow, La La - real name Lauren Andrew - was first recognised for her shows at the city’s local Sub Club.

DJ Mag - Girls Don’t Sync

Girls Don’t Sync are an all-female group of DJs, producers and curators bringing inclusivity and energy to underrepresented dancefloors worldwide. Their fresh take on UKG, house and bass make them a must-see act.

In The Lab - Manami

Manami is an upcoming DJ, producer and classically trained pianist born in Japan, raised in the UK and now based in Bristol. This a wicked livestream, set in The Lab LDN filled with off-kilter house, techno, and UK bass.

In The Lab - Vigro Deep

Vigro Deep is a South African DJ and record producer. The young amapiano artist is making waves in the South African music scene with his talents. This is not one to miss, prepare to be taken on a magical journey through sound.

Keep Hush x Oblig’s Birthday Special - Neffa-T

Showcasing forward-thinking electronic music that reflects a personal connection and story, Neffa-T focuses on the technical side of mixing, incorporating music from around the world and inviting special guests who push creative boundaries.

Keep Hush - Dr Dubplate

This Keep Hush takes us to Bristol where we are introduced to KH legend Dr Dubplate. The set is part of a showcase for ec2a - a label born from the legacy of Plastic People⁠.

HÖR - Mia Lily

London-based DJ and musician Mia Lily has been quickly emerging from the underground club scene. She is known for her deep selections and energetic performances across various iconic venues and festivals in the UK.

Boiler Room x Oroko Radio - TMSKDJ

THE MASKED DJ (TMSKDJ) is an African dance music DJ based in Accra, Ghana. TMSKDJ, pronounced THE MASKED DJ, is one of the few disc jockeys in Ghana breaking the status quo with her versatile skill set and fusing of alternative sounds.

Boiler Room - Fred again..

Fred again.. broke the internet with his Boiler Room debut in London. The livestream came at the perfect time for the producer, who dropped his incredible full-length album, ‘Actual Life 3’, just a few weeks later.

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