From Jamie xx and Popcaan, to Jack White and Beyoncé, to Jay Z and Linkin Park, here are ten collab tracks that are a mismatch made in heaven.

‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’ by Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue

Pop princess and prince of darkness is undoubtedly an unexpected combination, but what a combination it is. Arguably one of Nick Cave's best songs ever, this ethereal collaboration takes both artists to places they've never been before. Cinematic, enthralling and out-of-this-world good, 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' is a captivating cult classic.

‘Good Times’ by Jamie xx & Popcaan

Released as the third single from Jamie xx’s debut solo album, In Colour, ‘I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)’ takes us right back to summer circa 2015. If you overlook some of Popcaan’s more questionable and promiscuous lines, we couldn’t have asked for any more - pure vibes.

‘The Pink Phantom’ by Gorillaz, Elton John & 6LACK

Gorillaz have a propensity for leftfield collaborations but no one saw this coming. Damon Albarn and Elton John are two of British music’s darlings but who invited 6LACK to the party? Elton hadn’t really had anyone rapping on his records before and the outcome is an incredibly hypnotic listening experience.

'Midnight' by James Blake & Lil Yachty

The inspiration behind this very 10Trax, James Blake and Lil Yachty's joint project is unexpected for sure, but a definite meeting of the minds. Both known for blurring the lines of genre and innovating the industry, this track is a culmination of all that into a vibrant and emotive creation.

‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ by Jack White & Beyoncé

Before Jack White and Beyoncé unleashed the sassy and poignant ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, the White Stripes frontman had made a wealth of music with Jay Z; The Carters and Mr White only make heat! Whether they will see the light of day is another question, but at least we have ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, one of our fave cuts from Lemonade.

‘Roll The Dice’ by SHY FX, Lily Allen & Stamina MC

Keeping it strictly UK on this one, Shy FX’s collaboration with Lily Allen and Stamina MC, ‘Roll The Dice’, still does the damage at DnB raves up and down the country. Sounding like rum and cokes spilt on sticky air max and sweaty tracksuits, the track’s frenetic breaks and Lily’s club-ready lyricism are the perfect match.

‘Venus Fly’ by Grimes & Janelle Monáe

Grimes rarely lets people into her oddball pop universe and on the critically acclaimed Art Angels, American singer-rapper Janelle Monáe is the only recognised feature. "Why you looking at me?", she howls over big beats and sweet melodies while Grimes is her usual uncompromising self.

‘I LUV IT’ by Camila Cabello & Playboi Carti

What could be more random than a Camila Cabello song with a Gucci Mane sample? Well, a collaboration with Playboi Carti certainly comes close. ‘I LUV IT’ is incredibly chaotic. Five points to anyone who can make out what Cash Carti is saying without getting up Genius lyrics.

’T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)' by, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez

A collaboration with and J Lo? Sure sounds like a 2011 chart topper, but they said no no no, we're going to take this to a whole new level and throw in a 1960s icon too. And so ’T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)' was born, and we're grateful everyday that is was - as I'm sure The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger is too. Where else can someone rhyme "I don't know what the beef is" with "grankids' nieces", or "cashews" and "statues". No notes.

‘Numb / Encore’ by Jay-Z & Linkin Park

Leaving you with one of the most rogue but most iconic collaborations of all, Collision Course, the mash up album made by Jay-Z and Linkin Park in the depths of 2004 sounds utterly random on paper, but actually produced a cultural moment we just don't get much anymore. Blending Jay-Z's powerful bars of 'Encore' with the late, great Chester Bennington's evocative vocals, it's become a legendary and poignant moment of music history: bringing together unlikely people and creating something one-of-a-kind.