Canadian rapper Lan'do fuses his grime and Caribbean influences in new track "16 Bit".

One to watch in Toronto’s burgeoning rap scene, Lan’do’s new track “16 Bit” is a captivating fusion. The Canadian-Jamaican artist is fresh off the back of two EPs with his collective ‘No Tourists’, continuing to demonstrate a mastery of multiple genres in his own solo releases.


Born in Canada and raised in Jamaica, Lan’do’s musical family had an impact on moulding his future path. From his grandmother singing in a choir, to his mother’s extensive R&B record collection, inspiration was rife when he and his brother joined forces to start making music. Subsequently joining with likeminded Toronto artists, he built an experimental and innovative sound based on a variety of influences.


New track “16 Bit” fuses grime and dancehall – drawing on his Caribbean heritage to collate sounds and cultures. The track explores themes like loyalty, friendship, and relationships, released alongside a gritty visual that reflects the rappers message.


Speaking about how “16 Bit” came about, Lan’do describes, “I’m just excited to finally get this one out. The pandemic had just started, and I was crashing at my homie’s place. With all the free time we suddenly had we just started cooking up tracks and this was the best one to come out of the sessions. It felt like the words just flowed out of my head, and every line was automatic. Despite all that happened during the lockdown, I’m glad for all the time I was given to explore more unconventional approaches. I feel that this song is the culmination of all of that”.

Stream "16 Bit" below: