Luton rapper 1sun and South London name Vic Prince team up for a catchy new tune.

1sun has been picking his collaborations carefully. The Luton rapper, amidst his rise to prominence, has chosen names like Si Philli, with whom he worked on 2020’s “Brotherhood”, and he’s now set to widen his repertoire with another big name.


His latest tune “2A.M” tags in Marbella-born, South London-based Vic Prince, who leverages his Spanish heritage alongside 1sun’s English-language rapping to create an invitingly bilingual tune. Trading verses, the two artists create a melodic and inviting soundscape for the listener, one which feels like a careful patchwork of different styles and sensibilities that carefully compliment one another. In doing so, they unearth the universality of the lyrics, and how anyone in any place can relate to them.


On the collab, they say, My inspiration for the track is like the chorus says, explaining to someone you care about that you want to show them who you are – not just words. Vic and I tapped into what we all feel when we want to make a commitment, after the minefield that is modern dating. The song is about growth, maturity, respect and love. Vic and I came up with the concept during lockdown, and as soon as we were allowed outside, we made a summer classic. As a Gemini, I got to exercise my creative freedom by having different styles and flows on this track.”

Watch below: