Alt-rock artist Avatari has unveiled his latest single, '2 Lost Souls,' a haunting exploration of broken hearts and the quest for healing.

Drawing from his turbulent experiences in Los Angeles, Avatari reflects on the city’s darker side and the lessons learned from its culture of broken relationships in his music. The singer-songwriter reminds us that LA is full of aching souls seeking to fill massive voids with fame, fortune, and attention. Despite the city’s bright and breezy living, it is easy to forget that the hustle and bustle can exploit people’s vulnerabilities. His latest song, ‘2 Lost Souls’, captures the essence of this struggle, presenting it as another chapter in the rich legacy of harrowing love stories immortalised in literature and cinema.


On the track, Avatari delves into the painful reality of entering relationships with a broken heart, and how we often find a partner in similar distress. This shared pain can lead to a vicious cycle of suffering and hinder spiritual growth, a theme that he poignantly explores with his undeniable songwriting ability. However, ‘2 Lost Souls’ also acknowledges the potential for healing through intimacy and honesty. “When you hold me close, you help me to surrender,” Avatari sings, capturing the delicate balance of vulnerability and connection.


While the song doesn’t offer definitive answers, it resonates deeply with those who have experienced similar emotional journeys. Avatari wants to remind us that being honest can help the heart heal, especially when someone meets you with empathy and acceptance for who you are. ‘2 Lost Souls’ stands as a testament to the beauty in flawed individuals who are trying to heal together, adding a powerful voice to the timeless narrative of love and redemption.

Listen to 2 Lost Souls now: