“2000 Baby (feat. Volly)” presents Sed The Truth’s chilled-out defiant stance.

Sed The Truth, born with the name Sedeck, is a musical artist with a unique story. Raised by a mother who emphasised the importance of honesty and morals, Sed The Truth’s upbringing has strongly influenced his music, reflecting a desire to speak the truth about our world. Sed The Truth’s creative pseudonym, Sedeck, meaning “One Who Speaks The Truth,” was inspired by the duo Melky Sedeck, whose music resonated with Sed The Truth’s mother. Sedeck’s passion for music began at a young age, and he honed his skills through years of hard work and perseverance, always striving to perfect his craft.


Sed The Truth’s music is a unique blend of soulful, introspective lyrics and catchy, upbeat melodies, showcasing various influences, including hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. Each song is a story, a reflection of his life experiences, and a testament to the power of honesty and authenticity in an often-cynical world. His music has garnered a dedicated following, with fans drawn to his relatable lyrics and charismatic stage persona. He has performed at numerous music venues and festivals, earning praise for his impassioned live performances.


Sed has also established a remarkable modeling career in the urban streetwear industry for the past two years. He has been featured in numerous runway shows and fashion events nationwide, including the prestigious Michigan Fashion Week, where he flaunted his distinctive style and unbridled confidence on the catwalk. As a representative of the famous brand Artcareshop, he has effortlessly brought their fashion statement to life with his stunning physique and effortless energy, making him one of the most sought-after models in the industry.


With a solid commitment to his values, Sed The Truth is an artist with a powerful message that inspires thought and feeling. His music is a testament to the power of truth, love, loyalty, and respect, and his unique voice is a testament to the transformative power of creativity. Sed The Truth is an artist to watch, and his music will leave a lasting impression on all who hear it.


Sed The Truth’s “2000 Baby (feat. Volly)” has a dog days of summer quality, with a playful nature in every frame. The surroundings are sun-drenched. Right on the water, they have a vacation quality, from the sound to the interaction between the whole group. A sense of camaraderie defines the experience, for everybody is in a great mood. The video has this sense of being there. Camera angles are done with this embedded quality, not overproduced, nicely dovetailing in with the mellow nature of the lyricism. The sample matches up with the imagery in this gorgeous way. Various lighting differences add to the feeling of simply passing the time. Far from any stressful situation, they are away with the boat, leisurely floating through a vast space. Wordplay goes hard as he weaves together the thought experiment of “the trolley problem” alongside this sense of simply not wanting to make either choice, of refusing to be weighed down by relationships or any responsibility. It has this idealistic aspect, almost romantic. A Millennial YOLO approach to Walden’s existentialism, the song glides by with such vibrant colours, as the percussion seems to sync up with the small waves in the water effortlessly. For the last few moments, they reach a sense of togetherness as Sed The Truth asks everyone their birthday, with each replying 2000.  Done with true love and happiness, Sed The Truth goes right for soothing vibes on the escapist imagery of “2000 Baby (feat. Volly).”


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