Toronto artist Janet Tung traverses past love, childhood sentiments, and familiarity in nostalgic pop song, “2002”.

For her latest offering, Janet Tung returns to her roots with a new cover of Anne Marie’s hit “2002”. It all started out when Janet began uploading covers of popular songs on YouTube, where her raw musical prowess quickly formed a devoted fan base. Today, fusing Anne-Marie’s original track structure with an infectious dance beat and a shot of euphoric energy, she continues to showcase her ability to take established hits and make them uniquely hers.


“2002” saw Janet team up with producer Le Bober, who helped her create the warming, nostalgic atmosphere throughout the track. Despite humbly recording the for the song in her bedroom wardrobe, Le Bober’s innate talent at producing, mixing, and mastering truly brought the cover to life.


Speaking on the track, the emerging musician explains, “The track evokes the bittersweet nature of reminiscing about a past relationship, sentimental feelings of my childhood, creating a sense of familiarity and relatability.” She continues, “Dancing on the hood in the middle of the woods of an old mustang, where we sang” reminds me of last summer when I first graduated high school, going to the cottage with my friends and just living life to the fullest, those are the days I would give up anything in the world to go back in time and experience it again.”




Listen to "2002" now: