Up-and-coming rapper Lio Pard has dropped a hypnotic new single, "207".

Hailing from Maine, USA, Lio Pard is proud to take inspiration from all the greats of hip-hop that have come before him, creating his own style from the foundations of the old.


Pard has been a hard worker since he appeared on the hip-hop scene in 2020, dropping several singles over the year, before his efforts have culminated in the release of a new 8-track EP, Life Signs, from which “207” is the lead single. It’s a perfect summary of Pard’s values as a musician, from the trap beats to his melodic lyrical flow.


On the track, Pard says, “Whatever you do, do it right, and always believe that you can”. It’s a value that clearly fuels Pard’s music at every stage.

Listen to the album below: