The label 22TWENTY Club shares their spaced-out compilation release ‘Easy Listening: Earth Volume 1’.

Made up of 15-year-old producer Riley Hyland, Italian two-piece Go Hawaii, Brussels-based Sean Raab, Barcelona-born Bianca Steck, and Black Keys cover band Super Young Adult, the compilation from 22TWENTY Club, ‘Easy Listening: Earth Volume 1’ stretches at the waistline of what’s possible.


The resulting five tracks range from an intergalactic take on contemporary society from Hyland to a chillingly delicate piano-backed tune from Steck.


On his track, Hyland says: “‘america!!!’ is a bit of a dig at shallow people in society. It reflects the thoughts and ideas of someone who’s obsessed with power, and controlling the world around them.”


Go Hawaii comment: “’Midnight Company’ is a trans-oceanic melody that was born from a musical friendship. As soon as we finished writing the music for the song we realised that our friend Secret B would be perfect singing on it. So we sent him the track and after a few days we had his vocal ready. And it was perfect, a precious and meaningful effort, a real gem.”


On his contribution, BB Brownstone says: “I was living on Broadway in Brooklyn during the pandemic. One day I walked home from the intersection of Myrtle and Broadway, an area known for its electronic music scene. The trains came and went above my head. Memories of nightlife echoing behind me, the abandoned city in front of me.”


“’Sugie’ is a love song to my girlfriend. I wrote it at the end of the 2020 summer when everything was majorly shut down. It still somehow managed to feel like summer because of how amazing she is, so I wrote this song for her and to remind me of how lucky I am,” Super Young Adult state.

Listen to ‘Easy Listening: Earth Volume 1’ below: