NY rapper Liam Tracy returns with his latest single “24/7” positioned to be his best performing track yet.

Born and raised in New York, Liam Tracy has an extensive musical catalogue stretching back to 2016. Not subscribing to one particular style, Liam Tracy has the dynamic ability to adapt, exploring everything from bass heavy production to lyrically driven tracks.


Now, Liam enlists fellow New Yorker Fivio Foreign to feature on his latest track “24/7”. The two artists styles meld seamlessly, with Liam exploring a melodic delivery contrasted with Fivio’s signature drill energy.


Speaking on “24/7” Tracy elaborates: ‘I am pushing to better myself “24/7” — whether it’s mentally or musically. This track is to big-up the people who feel that they got something to be proud of, the people who went through a lot along the way to get to where they are at and don’t plan on stopping. Fivio killed this. He is the definition of ‘hustle’ in my eyes and couldn’t have complimented the track any better. You can feel the things he’s saying on this record.’


With each release, Liam Tracy is going from strength to strength. With “24/7” climbing to 86,000 views on YouTube in only 5 days, the rapper is set to blow up any minute now.

Watch the video below: