“25” by Kojey Radical

Now 26, Kojey Radical takes us on a soul-stirring trip back to his younger days in his striking visuals for his latest single ‘25’.

Known in the British rap scene for his powerfully bouncy rhythmic flows intertwined with his love of storytelling through his Afrocentric themes, Kojey takes his visual arts background to new heights in his latest cinematic visuals for ‘25’.

Addressing an unavoidable universal journey in visuals directed by Taz Tron Delix, Kojey explores the themes of growing up, identity and maintaining your dreams in a corrupted world. With an underlying dystopian tone, Kojey explores elements of his character through using personal recurring motif’s such as flowers, shades of light and little Kojey to represent the transition from childhood to the daunting world of adulthood. The grungy experimental track, set in a dark abandoned garage with fire and wild flames, aims to portray elements of pain, darkness and confusion when life doesn’t seem to go to plan. Commenting on the video, Kojey quotes; “The 25 video is easily one of my favourite pieces of mine so far. The energy and vibrancy reflects where I am today mentally and it feels good to be back on form. I’m about to drop one of the projects of the year and no one will waiver that confidence ‘’.

In touch with his inner being and different stages of his identity, Kojey created a video to show the raw, tough battles behind every individual journey. The motto seems to be that, although there might be multiple cloudy days in your week, celebrating them leads to understanding and growth, so you can stay true to yourself. Regardless of your age; dreams have no age limit.

"25" by Kojey Radical

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